Between stay-at-home orders and concerns about social distancing, homeowners are spending more time around the house than ever. On, reporter Anayat Durrani writes that it’s little surprise homebound owners — or would-be owners — are focusing more on backyard spaces. “Some buyers are even willing to settle on a smaller house or a house in a less desirable area in order to have a large backyard where they can spend more time in the open air,” she writes.

For builders, remodelers, and landscape pros, offering clients an outdoor space that expands their living area is a great way to both appeal to homeowners and grow your bottom line. Propane-fueled flame lighting, cozy fire pits, and fully equipped outdoor kitchens will boost your project’s property value and leave your clients delighted with their design.

Our latest brochure highlights many of the great ways you can upgrade an outdoor space, no matter the size of the footprint. It’s a great tool to share with clients when they’re looking for inspiration. With families spending more time at home, they’re likely to be eager to discuss opportunities to turn their backyard into a four-season outdoor room.

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